Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As I sat in the backyard listening to the laughter and occasional bickering from my children, I noticed this butterfly.
Seeing the beauty in this simple creature caused me to think about it's recent metamorphosis.
If you really take a moment to ponder this event, it's really rather amazing.
The whole process of caterpillar to butterfly is mind boggling to me.
Kind of how God takes something ugly (me) and changes it (my life) into something quite lovely!
Simply amazing!!
Don't you think?
I'm unwrapping today with Emily at Chatting at the Sky!
Join her for Tuesdays Unwrapped!!


  1. Yes, simply amazing, Kelli!

  2. Yes, it is amazing. It is astounding, really. "If you really take a moment to ponder this event. . . ." You said it. If we only stop and ponder.

  3. lovely, indeed kelli!
    and as i muck around in my own junk, i am ever thankful!

  4. Beautiful Kelli, you and the butterfly. :)