Sunday, March 29, 2009

Uncreated One

We sang this at church today and the words are so powerful.

They touch the soul.

Don't you agree?

Holy Uncreated One

Your beauty fills the skies

But the glory of Your majesty

Is the mercy in Your eyes

Worthy Uncreated One

From heaven to earth come down

You laid aside Your royalty

To wear the sinner's crown

O Great God, be glorified

Our lives laid down

Yours magnified

O Great God, be lifted high

There is none like You

Jesus, Savior, God's own son

Risen, reigning Lord

Sustainer of the Universe

By the power of Your word

And when we see Your matchless face

In speechless awe we'll stand

And there we'll bow with grateful hearts

Unto the Great I am


  1. This is one of mine and Stan's favortie songs. He was so excited to lead it worship yesterday. Beautiful!

  2. That was so pretty. I loved the guitar. jen