Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Finds

Rhoda did great this weekend.

I had loads of fun looking through lots of bargains at a local place "The Bargain Barn".

This was $3!
This plant stand I love because it came from my dear sweet Grandmother's house!

Cute sunflower was $2.

I believe this to be the steal of the weekend. A bench for $5. I think I may use it as a coffee table.
The top was sanded due to a huge burn spot.
Overlook the model. I'm convinced that she's crazy. But her top is adorable for only a buck!!!

Head on over to Rhoda's to see what everyone else found!!!


  1. Great finds! That bench is awesome and I love the top too! You found a great model!!!

  2. Love that plantstand! It's nice to have family heirlooms around the house! That bench was a steal. I like the legs on it. Great finds!

  3. Love your finds! That bench is Awesome! What a steal! The top is super cute and looks great!

  4. Cute top! Love the outfit too!

  5. Great finds! love the bench and the top is darling!

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Very nice finds! Thanks for coming by this week. Cute top too & you're a great model.

  7. Great finds ! That little table is very cute !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  8. really love the bench!

  9. love that table for a buck, I got a similar one,painted the legs white and distressed, looks a million dollar not one dollar!

  10. Wow! Great deals - I love all of them, especially that top. Thank you for sharing your bargains.

  11. Great finds! I can’t believe the bench that’s a steal. I love the legs on it