Thursday, July 9, 2009

Do you need a Laugh?

You can't help but smile!!


  1. Too funny!!! That's what my three seem to do EVERY time I pull out the camera!

    We are going to FL next week (beach house) and I told my kiddos I want just ONE decent photo of them on the beach! My boys are 15 and 12, so cutting up and being silly is the norm for them!

  2. Oh, btw, here are some folks from PBC we know that I think attend Central-

    Ernie Thigpen (speaks for us 1st week of PBC)
    JD Morris (youth minister, I believe)
    Adam and Alicia Cooper (they are house parents at the children's home)
    Tony and Janice Axsom (house parents at the children's home)

  3. OH, I just found Kyle and Maddie's blog! They work at PBC with us first week!

    Tell them I said HI! I'm on Facebook with them!

  4. Fun blog and real cute kids! Thanks for the follow, Kelli...I love to have new blogs to follow! Especially a fellow state mate! :-)

  5. It IS really awesome that we met via blog world and that we know some of the same people! We love the Coopers, they are some of our bestest camp friends- I think I toted Axtan around all week (I miss my own being babies!). Yes, SuperWeek is the BEST, and I am usually a counselor in the youngest girls' cabin (my daughter is almost 10). We'll have to chat about it more next spring.

    Have a good day!