Friday, July 3, 2009

Hooked on Fridays

I'm joining Hooked on Houses for the Friday party that Julia hosts.
Today I'm hooked on blessings. They are not difficult to find. Actually the good things in life are right in front of us if we just take the time to enjoy them.

Sawyer looking for lake creatures.
Sophie's first kiss! (Daddy was not looking)

Sophie thinking about jumping in.

Sweet Chloe pondering life.
This is what I'm happy about today!!!


  1. What a sweet post! I think it's important to always remember how fortunate we are and keep an attitude of gratitude, as they say. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  2. Children are truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing yours!

  3. I've always thought that when my children were born, they'd used up all the cute. But the cute kids just keep coming.

  4. Gorgeous place to snap pics of your sweet little ones and as for the kiss... glad daddy wasn't watching, lol. How cute is that! Diane

  5. That's right... Blessings are difficult to find... Thanks for reminding me to look...
    Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous 4th!
    ~Really Rainey~