Sunday, February 8, 2009


This weekend our friends from Georgia came to stay with us, so we prepared by cleaning, organizing, cooking and then cleaning again. We also had to plan for Sawyer's 5th birthday. (Sniff, sniff, can't believe he's five) Chloe & Sawyer could not wait until they arrived. They kept asking, "How many more hours and minutes until they get here?" The moment finally arrived and we welcomed them with open arms. We spent Saturday at a park near our house, eating, shopping, partying and ended the day with the guys going to the South Carolina/Georgia basketball game. Go Gamecocks!! Sunday our church hosted a marriage seminar that was absolutely fabulous. We all need encouragement in our marriages. Our friends left, we rested and returned to church for the remainder of the seminar. Ray, Jennifer, Corey & Tyler are SO much FUN. We love them. Isn't it a true blessing to have friends who REALLY know you and love you anyway?


  1. Where has the time gone? Wasn't it just yesterday we were praying for you to concieve Chloe?

    You are a true blessing to me.