Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We had several errands to run today. The last being the post office so I could mail a few letters. As I was waiting in line I noticed an elderly gentleman who seemed to be talking with everyone. He obviously knew them by the familiar way he interacted with them. He was fascinating to observe. When the time came to leave, I noticed he was standing by the door. He said, "You looked like you could use some help seeing that you have the little ones. Would you allow be to hold the door for you?" Yes ladies, chivalry is NOT dead! We began to talk as we made our way to our cars. He informed me that he was 91 and loved being alive. I was struck by the genuine warmth in which he spoke to me. He said that he had just returned from taking the youth from his church on a hunting expedition because he really enjoyed being around young people and the joy they brought to his life. He then said that the reason he was so happy was that he lived his life in service to the one who saved him. He truly loved God and gave back because of that love. We bid each other farewell, but not before he reached in his pocket and gave the children a shiny silver dollar. I was so touched by his kindness.

I was also moved to my core with gratitude to God for allowing me to meet this man. In our short time together, he taught me several things. One is to always make yourself available. He did not have to wait on me to hold the door. He saw an opportunity to serve. Second he showed me that how we live our life will speak volumes about who we are and who or what we serve while on this earth. I am reminded of a song called "The Blessing". It contains the words, "Let it me said of me, I chose Christ." When we are gone from this earth, that is precisely what I want my family to be remembered for. In the seasons of joy or sadness, I desire to always choose Him.

What about you? What do you want to be said of you?


  1. HOW COOL would it be to live to be 91 and have such a servant heart! I wonder if he still even thinks about it, or if it is just who he is now. Neat story!

  2. i want to live to be 91 too and have lots of grandchildren!

  3. i already read this post! but i'm going to comment again. that reminds me of my grandfather.