Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sophie's Shenanigans

It's a wonder anything gets done around my house. Sophie is quite BUSY! Anyone who has a toddler toddling around knows exactly what I mean. She seems to constantly be on a seek and destroy mission. Yesterday while I was attempting to catch up on laundry, she was into everything. But I couldn't help but laugh. She is too cute. One day, I'll miss her busy hands and pattering feet. (Boo-hoo) I will enjoy this time of craziness that God has given me!


  1. Love the pictures! And yes, you do miss those days but God has a way of bringing other joys with your children, even when they are adults. I am so proud of you for enjoying the moment instead of focusing on the mess. You are such a wonderful mother.

  2. She is so sweet! What a precious reminder to cherish the moments. :)

    BTW, my niece's name is Sophie too, and I love it!