Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Girls in Glasses

To those of you who don't know, both my girls have to wear glasses. Chloe, who is seven, has been wearing them since she was 3. I noticed that one of her eyes turned in when she was watching TV. After taking her to the eye doctor, she was diagnosed with amblyopia and strabismus. So began our journey with glasses. She has done remarkably well with being compliant about wearing the glasses as well as patching. She had surgery in March of last year to hopefully correct the strabismus. So far so good!! Sophie was born in September of 2007 and we noticed that her eye also turned in, but we prayed that it was just a newborn thing. But after 4 months of no improvement we headed to the eye doctor. It was confirmed that she too had strabismus. The good news was that she had not developed amblyopia (weakness in the eye). She donned her first pair of glasses at the age of 5 months. Her first pair were a joke! Too large for her tiny face... hysterical. I did much research to find the best pair for her. Finally we ended up with the Miraflex brand and have been tickled pink. No pun intended because they are PINK! She HATES the patch and will take it off the moment I turn my head. I pretty much have to sit with her for 3o minutes and do nothing but be on patch watch. It's worth it because I know it will help her increase her vision in the affected eye.
Having both my precious girls in glasses has been a humbling experience for me because I have always prided myself on the way my children look... on the outside. God has shown me that He is really interested in our hearts and our desire for Him and Him alone. Thank you God for allowing me to learn a valuable lesson. I want to spend my time cultivating my child's heart and not worrying about what the world considers to be important. After all, isn't that what God desires?
1 Samuel 16:7..."The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.


  1. Your children are beautiful! Three of the most beautiful children I know- and that is on the inside and the outside! Have a great morning- oh and I SO have my scarf tied in the knot from the video today at work!! :)

  2. they are so cute in their glasses! thanks for your comment today.

  3. Your heart is so beautiful not only to God but to those who are blessed to know you, as are your children, inside and out beautiful.

  4. wow how cute they are:) your such a blessful mom:) God Bless