Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simple Stuff

In our quest to enjoy a simple Christmas this year,
I have come across several encouraging posts around the blogosphere.

I think you'll like them too.

The Christmas of Yes

Master of Your Domain

Growing Generosity

No Gifts????

I tend to fall into the myth of thinking that December is the only month in which to give gifts.

I need to remember the other 11 months to give of ourselves.

(Am I the only one weary of the frantic frenzy associated with the season?)

Think about the gift of sharing your talents.

Babysit for someone who is in desperate need of a date night

Wash a neighbors car

Bake cookies and hand deliver them to the neighborhood

Be a secret giver of anything good
(We have been discussing this and are cooking up some great ideas!!)

Let the kids make something to give away for a
"just because" gift

We already have everything we need

and so



Great message that will make you think!

Have a great Thursday!!


  1. Great words - and true! It's important to remember the spirit of giving and generosity throughout ALL the months of the year. . . and then maybe not be SO excessive about it in December. Love the picture, too :)

  2. Kelli, I couldn't agree more. When I sit down later this evening, I want to follow those links you gave.

    I'm raising my hands as one tired of the frenzy. I had thought of blogging about it, but with all the frenzy...

    Just kidding, but it IS partly true. It's all I can do not to let the world steal what doesn't belong to it. You know, even the wholesome parties or fellowship time can create an "otherness" that takes our focus off the Savior and onto the season if we're not careful.

    This was a great post. I'm glad that I stopped my frenzied doings and sat down with some lunch to read it.

    And those dresses are cute in that picture. Just had to say that.

  3. Great words—aptly spoken.


  4. Great message indeed and cute Children! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!