Thursday, June 24, 2010

Favorite Links

Need some sweetness in your life?

20 ways to make life sweeter!

Yummy healthy treats here!

Want to know how to really write a love letter? This is powerful!



  1. Neat! I'm goin' to check em' out asap. And love that beautiful rose pic - yellow roses are my favorite!

  2. I headed to check them out, I need healthy treats and can always use sweetness:) Have a blessed day:)

  3. I've been to all three links and loved them. THANKS for sharing these along.

    I have to say that though I loved the first and last ones, I nearly jumped up with a shout of "Eureka!" over the idea of spinach smoothies made into popsicles! I think I discovered a new little piece of paradise since I'm such a smoothie freak.