Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Recap

This was a weekend that included a birthday and Halloween.

Can you say...


We managed to squeeze in a little fun.

The costumes this year included a ninja, cotton candy and a red bird.

You can probably figure who was what.

Have a great Monday.

Today will be spent recovering from the weekend with things like:

Cleaning and throwing away,

grocery shopping,

and many other boring, mundane tasks that must be done in order to maintain some sense of order.



  1. I love it! They're all three adorable. I can't pick a favorite costume, so I'll just have to call it a draw. Although... I did an audible giggle at Miss Red Bird. Goofy and fun!

  2. Oh goodness are they ever cute! I love the costumes, momma - good luck getting caught up, we're doing a bunch of that today, too.