Thursday, September 16, 2010


Check out these easy ways to decorate for fall!!

I LOVE this adorable button checker board!

From juice containers to this! WOW!

You'll need a little time to browse these spectacular ideas!
Worth it!

Enjoy the day before you!


  1. heehee, those juice box dice are cute, but NO WAY would they survive my house - not for a second! The checkerboard, however. . . maybe next year for little Miss T! Thanks for the cute hops!

  2. I love the juice boxes too! I started looking at Tatertots and Jello and only spent a few minutes. I am definitely going back later for a closer look.

    Did you see those cupcakes in a jar? I want to figure out if they're made already or need to be cooked. Thinking the latter, but they had a fork attached.

    Anyway... thanks! You happen upon some of the best stuff.

    I have been praying for Sam. Today is his birthday, I think. Was he able to go home?
    He was very much on my heart this morning.

  3. LOVE! the juice boxes! that is amazing. i wish i could come up with some super duper crafts!