Thursday, August 19, 2010

LeApInG AlL OvEr ThE PlAcE!!

Wanna make a flexagon?

Christmas ornaments in August?

Thought provoking post on
"The Hole in Our Gospel".

I love Transformation Thursdays over at
ShaBBy Chic Cottage!! I bet you will too!

Have a great time!!


  1. I'm so out of the loop that I didn't know about Transformation Thursday. EEK. I probably need a new place to visit like a hole in the head. I just love to look at before/after stuff or projects! So thanks... hole in the head or not. LOL

    And about the hole in the gospel: I'm pondering. I'll probably be thinkig about that thoughout the morning as I go about my work.

    My main "thing" is that while I am passionate about being a missional church, I am troubled in my spirit when it "appears" that we have forgotten what the real mission is: Not JUST physical hunger but bringing the news of eternal life in Christ Jesus. My heart hurts when I see churches (mine included) pride themselves on the former while utterly neglecting the latter.

    I kind of feel the way Jesus might have felt right before he told Pharisees that they were straining a gnat and swallowing a camel.

    OK... too much rambling this morning. The post just got me thinking. Thanks for that, too. I like to think almost as much as I like to talk.


  2. Oh good grief. I wrote a novel.

  3. *hippedy-hops*
    Ooh! I'm going to come back to some of these when I have a little more time. . .

    (and I like rambling novels, Debbie - its kind of like a blog post within a blogpost, lol.)

  4. Going to look at these sites:) Thanks and have a blessed day!