Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful for the Slimy Things in Life

(If you look closely, you can see the intestines)

We had a visitor last night.
This fella "wormed" his way in our house much to everyone's delight!!
Except mine. I don't like slimy creatures!!!
If that wasn't enough, Sawyer found a slug and brought it in for further research.
Little boys love to touch everything...the grosser the better.
I'm thankful for this little man who has shown me a side of life I would have never known had God not blessed me with the gift of a boy!!!
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  1. I have two boys, too - -I can SO relate to the intestiney worms inside the house!! We've had a praying mantis, a milipede and several grasshoppers (my least favorite) inside the house at one time or another. Life is never dull with boys!

  2. Great worm shot! I'm okay with those guys, but SLUGS?! Nope. NOT thankful for those guys. Have you ever stepped on one barefoot? Forget it! Slugs and mosquitoes can just go back where they came from! They go into the category of "God, I trust that you had a reason for this...and I won't question Your judgment!"

  3. I'm from a family of girls, but would have loved a boy along the way. Maybe I'll have a grandson one of these days.

  4. Ew ew ew!! :)
    My son would have LOVED that!

  5. Hi Kelli. I hope things are going well. I am just getting back into blogging after the trip. I have to admit, I did NOT look closely at the worm. I will trust that you can see the intestines! I have three girls, all afraid of slimy and crawly, and just the one boy. I guess the girls got it from me! I hope you and your Family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!