Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The last few days I have been dealing with a pulled muscle in my lower back. You know the kind that make you look crooked!!!
The spasms have been unbearable and have extremely limited my ability to do the things I need to accomplish.
That being said, I must sing the praises of my husband and children. Since I am at home all day with the kiddos, they have assumed a ton of responsibility. Even the 2 year old can pick up something for mommy!!!
Chloe has the tender heart saying things like,
"Mommy, let me get that for you so you won't injure yourself again!"
Sawyer, "I guess I'll have to be the MAN around here since you aren't able!" (Ha, ha!)
This is a photograph free post since I don't think that photos are able to capture the true essence of serving. In spite of the pain, I will cherish this memory! My family has served me unselfishly and for that I'm thankful.
Unwrapping these moments with Emily at Chatting at the Sky!


  1. Being served is something mothers have a hard time getting used to, but doesn't it feel great when your family steps up? I hope your back is all better soon.

  2. well you could have posted a picture of you standing crooked! ha!

    i hope you get to feeling better soon. Back pain is awful! the worst! I know all too well the crooked walk

  3. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. I'll keep you in my prayers... thank God for all the little helpers He has sent - even if they don't quite have a way with words just yet!

  4. oh those kids... makes up for the days we kinda wish we could send them back! hope the pain is gone... or at least subsided :)

  5. I somehow missed this post but wanted to tell you I hope you are feeling better soon! Mommy can't be sick! It's amazing how the little ones react, though. So nice to see their caring little hearts! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!