Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family Traditions

This is one of many traditions that our family began several years ago when our two oldest children were able to go Christmas carols. The children's chorus at our church always goes as a group to visit a few of our members who aren't able to get out. This is a wonderful way to share of themselves and to reinforce the idea that serving is a precious gift.
We also as a family go visit friends and family to deliver poinsettias on Christmas Eve. I could not find a picture of this, but I know it's somewhere out there.
Fridays at our house are always family night. We usually go out to eat and then watch a movie together or ride bicycles. It has become something we really look forward to and can't wait for Friday to arrive.
I am linking up to Emma Calls Me Mama for her Celebrating Day to Day party.
Swing by and see if you can get a few other ideas to begin family traditions of you own!!
What are your family traditions?


  1. One traditon my kids had a love/hate relationship with is on the first and the last day of school we took pictures of our child with their teacher. And yes, I did this through middle school. And even a few of their favorite teachers in high school. I have pictures of both at their high school graduations with their favorite teachers. They hated all that after about 10 years old but now they both love all those pictures. :)

    Another holiday tradition we started in middle school: Christmas for little children can last weeks over what they got but middle schoolers often ask for much more expensive items and then only have a few gifts to open. To help keep the let-down doldrums at bay, we go to a maitenee movie and then go and eat Chinese food. We always celebrate Christmas Eve with my family and eat a ton of holiday food and then we eat a big breakfast before the movie.

  2. Hello Kelli - what a sweet tradition of visiting those who can't get out at Christmastime. The photo of all the little children is so sweet. I love your Friday night tradition. What great incentive for the week!

    Thank you for joining the party!


  3. What a wonderful idea! I'm sure they appreciate the children coming so much too. What a way to give back and spread some holiday cheer!

  4. I love this idea! We used to go into nursing homes and do this. The patients loved it.