Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dumpster Diving

Look what you can get if you are brave enough to dumpster dive!!

Actually, hubby dove in and came up with this gem.
He was doing a little work at a house where the homeowners were moving.

You would not believe the items that they threw away in the huge dumpster.

2 sets of golf clubs, tons of tennis rackets, 3 bicycles in great conditions, brand new paint rollers, a huge wooden United States puzzle only missing one state and the above mentioned frame!!
(Hubby did ask if he could have the "trash".

Believe it or not, I do NOT have a before picture. Let me tell you it was UGLY!!

After a few coats of glossy black paint and a cork board, this is the final product!!

What do you think?


  1. you are magical. Really. I am mega-impressed. :)

  2. Kelli - love how your bulletin board came out! It's fabulous!


  3. This looks great! As always, your creativity is astounding. :) It is a gift to see beyond the obvious.

  4. Thansk for linking up. It looks like your found a practical use for it!

  5. You would never know you didn't pay a nice sum of money for it...wonderful! It amazes me, the list of items you mention were in the dumpster...sounds like wonderful items that could have been donated or sold!!
    Thanks for sharing! Janell

  6. WOoot!! Score, huh?!!!
    I love to 'curbside shop'. (see my blog!). It's amazing the things people throw away!