Thursday, October 13, 2011

What in the World has been Going On?

Sweet Cousins

Mr. Frog that peed on Sophie's head

Flowers against the night sky

Cool Chloe on a cool autumn evening at Lake Cooley

A little of this and a little of that.

This season of life is full.

The blog tends to get the least attention and I miss coming here.

My goal is to update once a week with pictures, quotes and the occasional story from our lives.


Rubenstein, the great musician, once said, "If I omit practice one day, I notice it, my friends notice it: if three days, the public notices it."
It is the old doctrine, 
"Practice makes perfect."
We must continue believing, continue praying, continue doing His will.
Suppose along any line of art, one should cease practicing, we know what the result will be.

If we would only use the same quality of common sense in our religion that we use in everyday life, we should go on to perfection.

The motto of David Livingston was in these words,
"I determined  never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose."

By unfaltering persistence and faith in God he conquered.

Reading Luke 18:1-8 today.

Hoping that practice makes perfect in your life today.


  1. Always good to hear from you! It can be insanely difficult to find the time to keep these things updated, but it's so worth it when you look back through. I always like to see pictures of your beautiful kiddos, and hear what fun you've been up to... and your words are always an inspiration!

  2. Kelli, these words were both convicting and ENCOURAGING to me at the exact same time. That might not make sense but that's the effect they had on me.

    I'm convicted to keep steady in the race and practice my faith on a daily basis. I'm encouraged because even when it's hard and I lag behind or take a fall, I know that it's all part of that practice that will one day bring me to glorified perfect.

    Great post today.

    And I love the cousin picture and giggled that a frog peed on Sophie. A dog once turned up on my big sister. We have never let her forget that she was once Dorry the fire hydrant. Guess she's Sophie the toad stool.