Monday, March 7, 2011

What's goin on in your Neck of the Woods?

Kinda how I feel today.

After a cool, rainy, dreary weekend
the sun has shone it's lovely face this morning!

We are finished with school and are about to embark on the weekly trip to stuff- mart for

you know,


Same old stuff going on around here.

Joy abounds even in the mundane!

Have you found joy today?


  1. Joy abounds HERE too:) I am tickled pink with this beautiful day! It is a bit chilly here but a gorgeous day! Hope you are enjoying yours! HUGS!

  2. *whew* Momma, let me just say - it has been one of THOSE days around here. . . AND a Monday, to boot! Can't win 'em all! But thanks for the smile you've brought me with this silly picture! Love her!

  3. i cannot wait for spring! i am tired of these rainy, dreary days!!!

    are you by chance going to the homeschool convention in SC??

  4. Happiness waits at the Stuff Mart.
    All you need is lots....more....stuff!
    :) I love Veggie Tales and Madame Blueberry is my all time fave! Thanks for putting a cheerful song in my head this morning.