Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside...

and some of us are loving it!!

The other two were MIA during this photo shoot because they couldn't get along.

Missed out on a lot of FUN!

Sniff, sniff!

No worries.

They were able to enjoy the fluffy stuff later in the day!!

Are you enjoying snow today?


  1. It has been a beautiful day but I am now ready for it to leave:) Cute pictures! Have a blessed and warm evening! HUGS!

  2. No snow yet :( I can't wait for it! We love nothing better than fresh-fallen snow!

  3. Hi sweet girl! Sophie is a doll and I am sure the snow will stick around for plenty of play time. I am not sure when it will melt here! Stay warm and snuggle lots! :) Hugs from Georgia.

  4. She is precious as always, and you made me grin this morning. You sounded exactly like my mom with the "because they couldn't get along" statement.

    I'm giggling actually, as I think about it. It's such a mom thing to say.

  5. awww she is so adorable!

  6. her smiles speaks miles of joy... and i bet she loved having you to herself!