Friday, October 1, 2010

A God Wink

I heard the children say excitedly,

"Mom come quick. You've got to see this!!"

Having no idea what I would encounter outside,

(I've been summoned to see lots of interesting things,
chicken poop, dead animals, angry ants, upside down children,
hanging from the highest branch in a tree)

I was happy to see the tiniest fragment of a rainbow winking at me from the sky.

Thank you God for the extraordinary sight on what was just an ordinary day.

Looking for the extraordinary things God has given us today!

Keep your eyes open and I'll bet you'll see them too!


  1. and thank you, kelli... for sharing it. i love that term... God wink. you know i'll be looking!

  2. I love that term too. I heard it first here in blogland. Was it from you? I have used it since because it's just perfect.

    And wasn't that little rainbow a perfect example of a God wink? It's a simple pleasure too! And I'm all about them. Love it.

  3. Awesome! I also love the expression. . .