Wednesday, February 24, 2010


But they don't love me!!
This is one of the few plants I can't kill.

Earth laughs in flowers.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

My tendency in caring for plants is usually one extreme or the other.
Drowning the unsuspecting houseplant or total neglect.
The Easter Cactus or Christmas Cactus is the perfect plant for people who desire a plant that is virtually impossible to kill.
Even with ignorance it thrives!

Are you like me in attempting to keep plants alive only to be unsuccessful?
Or do you have a green thumb?


  1. I love plants, too - and of all the plants NOT to be able to kill, you sure picked a beauty! I used to have a green thumb, but haven't really tried anything since T was tiny. We just got a bunch of green-and-pretties given to us, though, so we'll see if I still have the touch!

    Its so nice to see flowers blooming again! C'mon SPRING!

  2. That one is gorgeous! I have a lot of plants. The Peace Lillies always tell you when they are thirsty! They are great. Hubby and I each take a huge cup of water to bed with us at night and in the morning on the way through the sunroom to the kitchen, we dump the leftover water in a different one each day! It works and we never have to give any extra!
    Have a great day!!

  3. I too cannot keep any plant alive. I plant flowers every spring and they die in less than a month....I guess when you forget to water them they lose their will to live!