Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not One of Those Days Again

Anyone can carry their burden, however hard, until nightfall.
Anyone can do their work, however hard, for one day.

Robert Louis Stevenson

This is left over work from yesterday.
Thank goodness for today to hopefully get ahead!
Do you have lots of unfinished things to complete today?


  1. oh my goodness! i can totally relate! you should see my laundry room!!!
    check out my blog today. i'm having a giveaway!

  2. It's like you peaked into my life! That's my game-plan for tomorrow...tackling up on everything I've been putting off so far this week.

  3. Always. . .*sigh* Hang in there, momma!

  4. There is not one day I am caught up! and its not a pretty sight!

    is that a scrapbook table i see??

  5. How did you get into my house!!??? Well, looks alot like mine most days anyway! I have unfinished Christmas crafts I am working on. Just needed a break. I am finishing up this weekend and wrapping all my presents....hopefully. Have a great day!

  6. ummm... you did see my dining room table two days ago. still looks the same. nope. i take that back. now there is laundry draped over the chairs to add an extra festive look!